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Rwanda and Uganda Travel Tips
Traveling to Uganda and Rwanda like any other African countries has been a stressful thing among travelers and one of the stressful factors is limited availability of up to date travel information. You need not to be stressed anymore because it is only in Uganda and Rwanda in the whole world where you can enjoy the world star attraction the rare mountain gorillas. Travel for gorilla trekking adventure in either Uganda or Rwanda for such remarkably exotic experiences in a life time. Traveling to Uganda and Rwanda has never discriminated any client in anyway who is interested in visiting any of the destinations for wildlife safaris, adventure or cultural experiences. While you are in Uganda and Rwanda, there are more than mountain gorillas in offer for you, because you will enjoy scenic beauty, diversity of culture, historical monuments, ideal climatic conditions and the wonderful hospitality. All these will make up that amazing moments and your travel endeavors will be greatly rewarded with a variety of experiences as there is a lot in offer for you to choose from. In addition, one of the most important things to take note of is that, your safety and security in these destinations is highly of concern from both the government and the national park management and one remarkable thing is that, Uganda and Rwanda have for long enjoyed the prevailed peaceful security.

For your incredible experiences in Uganda and Rwanda below are some of the travel tips to enable you to enjoy your wonderful stay in these destinations. You stand to choose to travel to Uganda or Rwanda in any of categories, without considerably looking at your origin.

What to put in mind when planing to visit Uganda and Rwanda?
To travel to Uganda will require you to be fully prepared, organized and the most important thing of all is for you to choose the best travel company that will meet your travel needs while you are in the destination. Here, you need not to look any farther because Maranatha tours and travel is one of the best recognized and authorized travel companies that is readily available to help you enjoy your entire time while in Uganda or Rwanda. For up-to-date information about Uganda and Rwanda right from range of national parks, tourist attractions, activities, accommodation facilities, gorilla trekking and cost of gorilla permits, please contact Maranatha tours and travel for details. For further information about Uganda and Rwanda, you can access this information from some of the available local newspapers, watch national geographic films and one of the most important of all is when you watch or watched the Gorillas in the Mist. In case, you want to be helped in planning your travel, Maranatha tours and travel will still help you arrange your travel plan within your interest. With all that at hand, you will find yourself feeling prepared for that astonishing mountain gorilla adventure or any wildlife safaris in any of the destinations and where possible you can visit both Uganda and Rwanda to enable you compares the experiences between the two destinations.

What to pack on a Uganda Rwanda Safari
Visitors sometimes tend to be confused on what necessities to travel with; bulky items may not be needed while you are planning to travel to Uganda and Rwanda. For starters, make sure you begin your packing with essential items, considerably focusing on why you need to travel to Uganda and Rwanda, and you will also direct you on the size of the suitcase to carry. The most important thing you need to take note is that; understand what exactly are you traveling for in a destination? This is vital because each tourist activity will require you to pack differently, for instance for the safari you may not pack like travelers who come as volunteers, or rather business person. The safari may require you to spend some days while in the wilderness and it is advisable that you pack based on purpose.

Why should you visit Uganda and Rwanda?
There are a million reasons why you need to visit Uganda and Rwanda. Uganda the pearl of Africa offers you more than wildlife safaris, the mountain gorilla adventures because the destination is richly endowed with abundant bird species, diversity of culture, scenic beauty, and ideal climatic conditions, historical sites, adventures at the source of the Nile, among other attractions that are all confined within the tourist destination for one to choose from. Considerably, Uganda offers you more than just half of the world’s mountain gorillas that still exist in the world because it is one of the remarkable destinations where you will find the big five. Before, you reach for your mountain gorilla adventure; you would have enjoyed a lot of pre experiences from enroute to mountain gorillas. At the end of day, you will not fail to participate in at least one activity while you are here. In either Rwanda or Uganda, one of the remarkable experiences that you will have is gorilla trekking adventures in remote areas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Uganda or the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda. Apart from seeing the mountain gorillas in Rwanda, you can also pay a visit to one of the remarkable Rwandan historical sites, the Rwanda Genocide Memorial center without forgetting visiting Hotel Rwanda one of the most outstanding Intore Dancer that are uniquely different from the rest of Africa. Visiting Rwanda is one of the most enjoyable things because most of the national parks are easily reached, just after clients land in from the airport, they can take up gorilla adventure and visitors can easily connect to other attractions that are also confined around the national parks.

What is the best time of the year to visit Uganda and Rwanda?
Uganda is one of the tourist destinations that offer the most pleasant warm and tropical climate with insignificant seasonal variations that makes it a good destination to visit in the year round. The ideal weather and climatic conditions in Uganda have always offered the best time for the visitors who are interested in taking gorilla tracking adventure in the country throughout the year. The best times to visit the tourist destination for gorilla trekking is always during the two dry seasons that start from January to February and then June to September. Most important to note is that there are two seasons in a year; one is situated along the equator region and the other at the country’s elevation. Despite the availability of ideal climatic conditions, there two wet seasons and during this period mountain gorilla trekking can still take place. Most surprisingly is that, during the rainy season the sun can still rise and the conditions can still favor gorilla trekking in the destination and in addition, the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in southwestern Uganda experiences the cool conditions at night and the lodges around offer their clients with hot water bottles to make your night comfortable. However, the weather and climatic conditions in Rwanda are similarly the same as that of Uganda because of the several hills, high elevation that makes the weather conditions mild and hence the best destination for gorilla trekking throughout the year. Rwanda like Uganda also has two wet seasons that begin in the same months in Uganda and during this period the sun still comes out making its weather conditions conducive for visitors to travel to the country.

The safety and security of visitors in Uganda and Rwanda
One of the most critical factors that affect the tourism industry is the destinations security and the commonly asked questions concerns the clients’ safety while in that tourist destination. Therefore, travel to Uganda or Rwanda because they are some of the few safest, secure countries and above all it is where the peaceful stability has for long prevailed. Although the visitor can walk in the night in Rwanda, the security in Uganda is readily available and the city in this case remains busy in most times. However, for areas that a visitor is unfamiliar with, it is better that a client takes personal safety by following the safety and security measures that will be available to notify you on travel times in certain areas and take note of advice given on certain areas not to be visited as one person in particular time.

Visitor’s health
Your health status is very vital to take note of because it will enable you to have access in a given destination. Do not limit your travel dreams in these destinations, because your travel to Rwanda and Uganda equally requires you to be free from any of illnesses. Remember that your illness will affect both humans and the wild animals especially for the critically endangered mountain gorillas that are susceptible to human disease. However, in Uganda for example little has been registered on visitors falling culprits of any illness and the country is also Ebola free. You will be required to abide by the rules and regulations that will be given to you when you arrive at the destination and the things that you are to do while in the destination. In this case, you are advised to take immunization before traveling into the country then buy a malaria regiment. In case of yellow fever, you are still advised to take the yellow fever immunization.
In Rwanda, you will be required to avoid accessing some things while in the country for instance the street food, salads apart from the ones in the up market. Where a client is not in possible to peel something, please you are advised not to eat that item. You need these health practical tips to ensure your enjoyable stay in Uganda and Rwanda and return in same health status as you came from your country of origin.

Money information
Equally Uganda and Rwanda are cash based economies and US dollar is the currency mostly used here. Much as, the modern systems like credit cards use is highly used in developed countries, it’s used in Uganda is low and traveler’s cheques in this case are rarely accepted. In case of personal spending in the destination, you are advised to have your money exchanged in the local currency. However, you can access the credit card services from nearby ATM machines within town, use visa ATM card that can be got from some of the banks. Therefore while you are in Uganda please try to carry cash with you and in order to choose credit card services, visit the credit card information for Uganda or Rwanda and if you plan to use ATM machine, please alert your bank in advance

When and where to obtain the travelers visa for Rwanda and Uganda
Travel visa is of the important travel requirements that allows visitors to enter the country, and in order for you to obtain your travel visa, apply via online with the Rwanda immigration or visit the nearest Rwanda Embassy in your country. However, take note of the mutual agreements that some citizens have with Rwanda because they may not carry the visa for given agreed time. Remember you won’t be in position to have access to visa at the point of entry apart from those visitors who come from the exempted countries. However, you can also get the tourist visa and you will still enter Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya. To apply for this type of visa, visit East African visa Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania or East African Tourist Visa. The tourist visa may cost you about US$50.

Tipping in Rwanda and Uganda
Tipping is one of the expected things a tourist can do in tourist destination. In many occasions, tipping in Uganda and Rwanda is not looked at as a big thing however, that does not mean that you should not tip while you are here. Your endeavors to tip staff workers in service delivery during gorilla adventure, game drive, chimpanzee experiences or any tourist activity in these destinations are highly appreciated. You as an individual may not see the positive impact that you would have created but the feeling within beneficiaries can be one of the amazing things in their lives. Remember your tips should not drain all what is in your pocket but you can give what you feel you can afford. Please let us work together and change lives in tourist destinations in Uganda and Rwanda.

Mobile use or cell phones in Rwanda and Uganda
Uganda and Rwanda have the best cell phone network that is concentrated in the whole of the countries, and you are free also to travel with your unlocked cell phone then buy Ugandan simcards from some of the best networks like MTN, UTL, AfriCell or Airtel. In case you need to make international calls to Europe, Asia and North America you will be charged about 20 cents per minute, however you can also enjoy promotion charges especially for countries like US or UK, India and Pakistan. To access the local phones with simcards in it, you will get a charge of about $8. For less inconvenience in Rwanda, simcards can be got from remote towns and you can either buy or rent cell phones from the main shops and the mobile phones within Kigali. One important thing is, if you come with smart phones, iphones but ensure you get the local simcards to use.

Accessing internet services by visitors in Uganda and Rwanda
Internet is very vital for a traveler in destination, and for Uganda and Rwanda you can get internet services from widely spread internet cafes within the cities or any big towns, in Uganda and Rwanda. Currently most of the hotels, lodges, guest houses offer wifi services and you can use it freely. You can also buy your data especially when you are using a smart phone and in case you have a laptop, you can also get 3 or 4G USD dongle and you can get this from MTN or Airtel or USB dongle for Rwanda where there is no connection to wireless.

Electrical current and plugs in Uganda and Rwanda
While you are in Uganda, you will be required to use 240 volts and this should be UK plug and in Rwanda, you need 230 volts and should be European plug and you will need to have a converter plug to fit your appliances. Take note that power supply in Uganda and Rwanda is not stable and it is advisable that you stay in a hotel because some hotels have stand by generator systems. The power system in Uganda has extended outages which last for 12 hours and it is advisable that you come with the laptop that has a surge protector or your phone. However, there are electrical strips with outlets that may fit in your devices and you can purchase one. You should remember to come with your book light because at times the nightstands lamps are not available and mostly the hotel charges for them.

Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda
Uganda and Rwanda have a lot to offer for you for safari, with the diversity in wildlife species, diversity of culture, most interestingly the rare mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and several primates in the Bwindi Forest Impenetrable National Park and Volcanoes National Park are available for your safari. For booking, contact Maranatha tours and travel to offer you combined safari packages for both Uganda and Rwanda. You can start from one country and still end from another.

In conclusion, the travel tips are vital for you as they provide you with relevant information that will enable you enjoy your stay while you are in a particular destination. Take health tip as critical, know the food that you eat in the destination because you need to come safe and return safely. With all the precautions that you are required to follow, you will be able to enjoy your experiences in Uganda and Rwanda. Visit both Uganda and Rwanda for amazing mountain gorilla adventures in life time.