Rwanda Tourist Visa Entry Requirements and How to Apply for the East African Single Entry Visa

19 August 2016
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If you are a foreign person wishing to visit Rwanda getting your single entry Rwanda visa is as simple as submitting your visa applications to any of the Rwandan foreign embassies in your country of residence for visa processing. Rwanda single entry visa is at a fee of 30 USD per person valid for 3 months.

If at all you don’t have a Rwandan foreign mission in your country, simply log in to the website of Rwandan directorate general of immigration and emigration request online via ( for an entry facility and download the application form, carefully read the guidelines, fill the form and submit it. Upon submission, you receive an acceptance letter via email which you shall present at any legal border point of entry to

Rwanda to obtain a visa.
Note, Rwanda single entry visa is valid for 30 days and liable to extension in case you would like to stay more than 30 days just apply for visa extension through the Rwandan directorate general of immigration and emigration. Visas must not be used for employment in Rwanda.
For the African nationals you do not need to apply online in advance for the visa, you can purchase the visa as soon as you arrive at entry border point or in case you are transiting through Rwanda.

Rwanda Visa Application Requirements
To get a Rwanda visa, you should possess a valid passport or other acceptable travel identification documents valid for at least six months. You need to have two passport size photographs, clearly specify the reason for visiting Rwanda or if you are visiting friends and relatives present an invitation letter.
In case you paid your accommodation or visa in advance, just show proof of payment and the pre-accepted visa application letter. Visa processing takes about 24 hours and you are advised to be patient with the immigration authorities.

All people visiting Rwanda must have an international Yellow Fever Vaccination Card which is required at the entry points.
On one hand with the exiting bilateral agreements of Rwanda and other few countries mentioned below offer an opportunity for their nationals to visit Rwanda without a visa for 90 days. These include Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Philippines and Canada.

On the other hand nationals of Israel, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, South Africa, UK and Sweden do not need to apply for the Rwanda visa in advance. Upon arrival at official points of entry you can apply and pay for a visa valid for 30 days.

For East African citizens there are renewable visitors pass valid for 6 months which is issued as soon as you arrive at border entry points of Rwanda.

How to apply For the East African Single Entry Tourist Visa (three countries – one visa)

The East African single tourist visa is paid once at a fee of 100 USD per person for multiple entries to Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda without incurring other visa charges. Note that the country you choose to apply from to get the east African tourist visa should be the exact destination you are going to commence your trip from.
For instance if you land in Kenya you need to visit the Kenyan embassy or the immigration offices for application and visa processing there after visit attractions in Kenya before you continue to Uganda or Rwanda.

To get the visa, you need to have two passport colored photos which must be attached to a complete filled visa application form with a visa application letter to be addressed to the immigration authorities either in Uganda, Rwanda or Kenya. Make sure you have a passport or identification documents valid for 6 months. You can also use your accommodation booking permit as proof to apply for the visa.

For those choosing to start their trips from Rwanda, you can apply for the East African visa through the Rwandan online e-visa application system in case you are in your country of residence without a Rwandan foreign embassy. Note that you must select the type of visa as the Rwandan East African visa. You can also visit the Rwandan embassy in Kigali upon arrival for visa processing.
Uganda also has her consulate right at Entebbe airport which you can visit to apply for the East African single tourist visa upon arrival, there’s an online system as well for the Ugandan East African tourist visa via the Ugandan directorate of citizenship and immigration control.

Applicants can visit this website for more information. In contrast to other visas, the east African visa cannot be extended after expiry of 90 days.

All foreign residents staying in Uganda, Kenya or Rwanda are required to have a valid permit of residence if you were to tour all the three nations without a visa.

East African citizens can use their national identity cards to cross borders of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.
Once you have secured your east African visa, you can enjoy a variety of tourist attractions which may not be available in one country. For instance mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda which you cannot see while in Kenya.

For instance say you have decided to start your trip from Kenya you can visit the Indian ocean palm dotted beaches or the visit the Maasai- Mara reserve for wildebeest migration and big five mammals plus the unique cultures of maasai people.

Continue for the most trending adventures like mountain gorillas and golden monkey trekking in volcanoes national park Rwanda or Bwindi in Uganda. While in Uganda you can track chimpanzees in Kibale national park along with other 13 species of primates which you cannot see while in Kenya.

There are a variety of adventures to do and see while in Uganda visit the source of River Nile in Jinja for white water rafting on the world’s strongest waterfalls. Later add on Murchison falls national park to see rhinos at ziwa rhino sanctuary and other mammals like hippos.

In Uganda Entebbe air port right at the island strewn lake Victoria shores with perfect secret beaches for relaxation and uninhabited islands of Ssesse can make a perfect gate a way or visit the Uganda wildlife education centre to see rhinos and chimpanzees at Ngamba island sanctuary.

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